Engraved Koa Gifts & Awards

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Koa and Monkeypod Bowls

A popular award choice in Hawaii, laser engraved Koa bowls and Monkeypod bowls. Emura’s offers a wide selection of Hawaiian wooden gifts. We can also engrave your company logo directly on these handcrafted bowls. Contact Emura’s for details.






Koa box, Koa Boxes, Koa Gifts, Koa Wood, Maui, Hawaiian Koa, Emura's

Koa Box With Laser Engraved Logo

A very useful award piece. Emura’s Koa boxes can be Laser engraved in many different ways. This 4x7x13″ Koa box features the Maui Electric Company logo engraved on it’s top cover. Contact Emura’s for details.







Koa, Koa boxes, Koa box, Koa gifts, Engraved Koa, Maui, Hawaii, Emura's

Koa Jewelry Boxes

These Koa Jewelry Boxes are of the highest quality and finish. Hand crafted in Hawaii for Emura’s.

Emura’s can laser engrave these boxes with your custom logo or verbiage. Contact Emura’s for details.






Koa, Koa Clock, Koa Wood, Hawaiian Wood, Koa Gifts, Maui, Hawaii, Emura's, Hawaiian

Koa Clocks

A classic Koa gift that can be displayed on any office or home wall. Emura’s can also laser engrave these Koa clocks on the boarder or face of the clock. We can also mount these clocks to a Koa base board to create a Koa plaque and clock combination. Contact Emura’s for details.






Koa, Koa Wood, Koa gifts, Koa paddles, Koa trophies, Koa trophy, Maui, Hawaii, Emura's

Koa Surfboard and Koa Paddles

Engraved Koa Surfboards and paddles. A creative awards presentation that say Hawaiian culture.

Emura’s can laser engrave these gift items for any style of presentation. Contact Emura’s for details.






Engraved Paddles, Canoe Paddles

Custom Engraved Paddles Used for Wall Signs

These engraved canoe paddles were used as restroom signs at the Royal Lahaina Hotel.








Hawaiian Koa Paddle, Canoe Paddle, Koa Paddle, Koa, Maui, Hawaii

Engraved Koa Paddle for Corporate Gift

This high quality Hawaiian Koa Wood paddle was engraved and used for a corporate gift award.







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Koa Maui Island Plaques

Koa Maui Island Plaques

These island shaped Koa plaques are use as awards in many different ways. Emura’s can also create shapes of other islands and states. Contact Emura’s for details.






Koa, Koa Pen, Koa wood, Engraved pens, Promotional Pen, Maui, Hawaii, Emura's

Koa Pen With Company Name Engraved

Laser engraved Koa pen with company name engraved. Emura’s can laser engrave these Koa pens with precision.

Contact Emura’s for details.






Koa, Koa Gift, Koa Clock, Engraved Koa Trophy, Koa Awards, Koa Wood, Koa Maui

Koa Clock Engraved Before and After Shot








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Laser Engraved Pen Box

Bamboo products are becoming very popular. This is a Laser Engraved bamboo pen box. Featuring company logo and custom layout for engraving.

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